AFI Business Consulting launches its website

Hello world !

As Digital Transformation initiatives gain pace across the world, the threat of cyber attack grows in tandem. Further risks stem from the evolving business and regulatory requirements and technology trends that are posing new cybersecurity challenges and threatening the success of digital programs. In this landscape, while cyber crime have matured and professionalized, Social, Mobility, Big Data, Cloud and Internet of Things technologies make today’s digital enterprise increasingly vulnerable.

2016 was the year hacking went mainstream. Executives, consumers, and presidential campaigns were ravaged by ransomware, malware, phishing attacks, and data leaks. During this year, we’ve continued to see changes in cybersecurity for organizations. Traditional approaches to securing IT systems have expanded to include new requirements to meet the additional demands of operational technologies and the Internet of Things.

2017, won’t be an exception and will see organizations and companies facing more and more cybersecurity trends : Cybersecurity driven by change in legislatures (EU GDPR, Russian information security new doctrine), threat from IoT, greater need for data protection in the cloud, consolidation of cybersecurity suppliers, and spread of cloud-based security solution (CASB).

By the beginning of this year we wanted to put online our website as the beginning of our journey that we hope solemnly is going to be successful and especially full of challenges to help you be better. This web site aims to introduce our mission, our vision of cybersecurity and our promise to meet our customers needs.

We wish you a happy and secure new year 2017, we thank you for your trust, and we really hope to hear from you and help you address your cybersecurity issues.

CEO AFI Business Consulting